Tuesday, January 22, 2013

red dot and award

fighting the crowd at the reception on sunday, i got half way through the gallery when i noticed the "honorable mention" card below my drawing!! i almost did a cartwheel right then and there, because you see, i have never won an award for my art before! so you can imagine how incredibly over the moon i was to see that sweet little tan rectangle below Tamu! along with his red dot...but i already knew he had sold because the gallery called me the second day of the show to give me that fantastic news!
after we received our awards, we gathered in the back for a photo shoot...the others must have gotten awards before because you can tell they are not as happy as me!!
and i am still hard at work on Obama...altho i have to finish him up as quick as i can because i have two commissions to get to...and one is pretty large with a background!


Jennifer Richardson said...

bravo on your award!
i'm amazed at your work
every time I drop by
...to see as clearly as you do
is an art in itsefl.

patty said...

Woo Hoo!! Doesn't get much better than an award AND a sale... Go, Kathryn!! (does not surprise me, however...)(first of many no doubt!)

Carolyn said...

Congratulations,Clippie!! I am thrilled for you and very proud of you!! I just can't believe that you had never received an award before as you are an AMAZING artist!! OX, C


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