Monday, January 7, 2013

the start of a brand new year!

as i dropped my daughter off at school this morning i took a deep breathe and thought, phew...back to some normalcy and routine again...yay! 

not that we didn't have an amazing holiday, we really did! just after what seemed like endless weeks of celebrating, routine is what i was beginning to crave.(not carbs and sweets any longer!)

so my first drawing of the year is Obama...the elephant! 
 we immediately met this giant fellow (they LOVE our president over there, so named this local resident after him.) when we arrived at the "elephant bedroom camp," which is located on the banks of the Ewaso Ng'iro river in Samburu Kenya. you can see we got super close to him, to the dismay of the establishment...the guards and workers where frantically waving fallen palm fronds to keep him back while we took photos, but then we had to move it up to the lodge away from the river.
 Obama (i don't know why i love saying that, but i do!) took a long time to draw out...his trunk was challenging to get right...but now it should be easy going...except that ear...i can see that will be challenging as well!! stayed tuned!


The Creative Beast said...

Obama...The Elephant! I love it!! The drawing looks promising and I can't wait until you share the final image.

I love when you share more of your safari trip in Africa...and I love the reference to our President who will be re-inaugurated this month. I'm sure the folks back in Africa must be THRILLED!

Jennifer Richardson said...

Obama the elephant....sweetness:)
I'm glad to dive into January also
and the kids back to school
with all of their stuff
is space for my soul
after weeks of togetherness
and is also sweetness!
I love the changes.
a beautiful new year to you
(and Obama),

Katherine Kean said...

It does feel good to get back to a routine, doesn't it?

Wonderful start - I think elephant trunks are like fingerprints in uniqueness.

patty said...

I know that is going to be one amazing elephant. Can't wait to see more! And yes to routine and normalcy. The celebrating is good and it makes us appreciate ordinariness once again!


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