Monday, April 22, 2013

“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.” 

Bella & Ricky (c) commission 11x14  2013   Kathryn Hansen

Ohhh Nuts! (c) 5x5   2013   Kathryn Hansen  

below is a new drawing on the of our foster kittens from last summer. my daughter named him coonie after a cat we had many years ago...see the original coonie here.  this sweet kitten loved to sit on my drawing board soaking up the warmth from my light, play with our dog josie despite the size difference and was just the friendliest little thing you ever met!! although he had many health issues and eventually had to be quarantined, he is now with an awesome family and healthy as can be!!

 i see a future drawing or two of these sweet 6 week old little bundles of joy from happy strays pet rescue!! our newest foster kittens, ariel and adella (i wanted frida and georgia but lost out!)



The Creative Beast said...

What wonderful portraits you have been working on! They look wonderful and the squirrel portrait is adorable =-)

Katherine Kean said...

I like Frida and Georgia - maybe next time.
I'm glad to see that the squirrel drawing survived. It looks great!

Jennifer Richardson said...

how in the world
does a person draw a soul???
but you do.
you draw the soul and it shines
through and i just shake my head
in wonder and clap inside
because it's a thing of beauty
and i'm oh so glad you share.


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