Monday, April 1, 2013

 diamond just would not let me take a photo of tucker this weekend! not sure if she just didn't want me to show you all the progress i made on it (cuz that's the part she kept covering up) or if she just wanted some i finally had to put down my camera, scratched her ears for awhile, then i was able to get a shot or two of my drawing as she happily wandered off to catch some bugs!! (she's better than a venus fly trap to have around!!)
but i'm soooo happy to say that i am almost finished with Tucker...cuz it seems like forever that i started this piece! and there are just SO many other drawings needing to be drawn!!!


The Creative Beast said...

LOL!! cats are funny aren't they??!? Maybe Diamond just wants a portrait of her own and this is her way of telling you??!? ;)

Also the dogs in the previous post - such pretty dogs!

Amelia said...

absolutely love the photo - what stories, almost makes me wish I had a cat :)

Jennifer Richardson said...

i love your heart for animals
and what a talent!
that horse could leap off the page:)


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