Monday, May 6, 2013

garden in the desert

i spent a long and amazing weekend in joshua tree again, this time with my sister. we attended a 3 day spiritual workshop by story was magical and expanding and life changing! 

only had time to snap the blooming cactus around our b&b, as the workshop took up most the weekend.
and since last week, harry has progressed...just need to jump back into the swing of things tonight!


Katherine Kean said...

Sounds like a great time - and the light shines in your photos.

patty said...

Oh, that sounds wonderful, Kathryn!! A few days away can do wonders, but a spiritual focus can be even more renewing. Beautiful images! And Happy Birthday!!

Jennifer Richardson said...

I just love the idea
of a little getaway
time of refreshing
with sisters!
I'd love to go away with mine
...thanks for the beautiful blooms
and sweet inspire,


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