Tuesday, June 11, 2013

see how my drawing got mooned and then branched out from there!

i didn't create my usual monday post this week because i was still working out my acacia tree dilemma.
last thursday night as i was just finishing up the eagle on my acacia tree drawing, i looked up and notice a blue ink like mark on the paper...omg! after picking up and examining every single object on my drawing board i tried in vain wetting and rubbing the paper with a q-tip, then scrapping it with a razor, but to no avail! that mark was deep in the paper. i was sooo bummed, all that work for nothing!

so i took the problem to my facebook fan page and got some interesting suggestions. first i decided to try barry's suggestion of a moon. but that received a few nays.
so back to my branch idea...i went to my hard drive and perused through my african photographs, looking for an acacia branch i might use.
i'm still not happy with the results, so i will have a bit more work this week to get it just right! and just when i wanted to start my zebra drawing...hmmmm!!! i guess the zebras will have to wait!

1 comment:

Jennifer Richardson said...

I can't even imagine having that kind of perseverance working on something so intricate....you are amazingly precise. Amazing.
Beautiful tree......thanks for helping me see the beauty and value in not throwing a mistake away... not giving up.
I love that about you.


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