Monday, July 22, 2013

a leisurely day brimming with art!

we had a full day in laguna beach on saturday, hitting up 3 art fairs chock-full of incredible and inspiring art and lively music! i ended up talking to so many artists this time about cameras, animals, other exhibits they were participating in and fun! i have to say my favorites pieces of art were from carol heiman-greene, ray brown, michael ward and michael r crook! i wish i were incredibly rich, i would have gone home with an arm load of art from these artists! darn kids need to eat tho...but boy it was tempting!! 


The Creative Beast said...

WOW! it looks like you had a GREAT time being around so much art and talking with fellow artists! It all looks so full of COLOR too!

patty said...

I know the feeling! My walls are already full and I need to be down-sizing, but there is sooooo much great work out there! I guess just being there and experiencing it is a bonus that you can take home with you. Looks like a wonderful day!!


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