Monday, July 15, 2013

fun in the summer sun!

Beach Buds  Kathryn Hansen  (c) 2013 41/2 x 71/4

above is the third drawing in my "dog days of summer" series. 

have some minor adjustments i still need to make to "prized stick" below...but that won't take too long, just a bit more noodling on the rear leg and water.

bringing up the rear  below is "catch me if you can."  #5 and still on the drawing board.

i promised diamond i would try and throw in a lion head soon as she is getting annoyed with all these dogs on my board lately! i told her to stop looking at so many grumpy cat posts on facebook...she just sulked off and hasn't slept with me since last week. what's an artist to do?!!


patty said...

Ha ha - equal time! You probably know that I am partial to dogs (especially since the baby bird incident...)and I adore the wonderful action drawings you have here. Running free - just the way dogs are supposed to be!! (no thanks to the CA state parks..) Fabulous!!

The Creative Beast said...

OH!!! I love seeing these adorable dog drawings - such cute frolicking!!


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