Monday, August 12, 2013

Leonardo's story

Leonardo in progress

i'm not sure if you realize from my blog just how much i love domestic cats...but i do! 3 cats own me...i'd have more if i wasn't afraid of being classified as a crazy cat lady! but by definition, "an elderly suburban widow who lives alone and keeps dozens or more pet cats" i can't possibly be one as i am not a widow, my 2 daughters live with me, and i have less than half a dozen cats!

but i'm also crazy in love with large felines as well! 

we saw this beautiful boy on a cold late afternoon in Lewa Downs Conservancy in Kenya. he apparently had killed a local farmers cow earlier in the day, according to all the uproar on our guides walkie talkie. (you can see the blood stains on his nose and muzzle)
this bad boy was collared and vigilantly monitored by the game keepers there, so they knew exactly what he was up to. but by the time we saw him, he was pretty tired after his kill, and just laid down on the rich chestnut colored soil the whole time.
then we spotted these rare and strange beings taking photos of us, like we were the main attraction!


Katherine Kean said...

Good progress on Leonardo!

I'm glad to know that it requires "dozens, or more pet cats" to get that designation. I also didn't know about the widow part.

Jennifer Richardson said...

oh my gosh, how regal is this
handsome fellow.
thanks for this stirring share,


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