Monday, September 30, 2013

another commission completed!!

Moo (c) Kathryn Hansen  8x10 2013 
i finished drawing Moo late last night after an exciting but disappointing soccer game. altho it was very chilly at the sports complex after the sun set, it was a very heated game, with lost tempers, shoving, and shouting. The Wazowskies lost 4-8...and they were not happy about it...altho they did enjoy their snacks afterwards!

this is a new piece started last week, drawn in between two commissions. i figured The King needed a queen, cuz you know men can't live without us ladies!! plus i want to enter the royal pair in an upcoming gallery she needs to be done by beginning of November!

i won't be able to show you my next commission until it's fully completed, just in case the client of my client sees it. altho i think the odds of that happening are greater than me winning the lottery...but the internet can be a small world at times, so i can't take the chance! so instead here's an adorable shot of Maddie, one of our foster kittens...growing by leaps and bounds!!


The Creative Beast said...

WOW! The finished commission looks amazing and I love how your Queen is taking shape =-) I can't wait to see the pair ready for exhibit!

Katherine Kean said...

You go, Kathryn. It's great to see you blazing through these.

That Maddie is so cute!


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