Monday, September 16, 2013

move aside pete, it's raining cats and dogs!

remember my post about pete last week...well, just in that one week since, i received two more 6 in total now!!! that is a new record for me and it's not even christmas yet!! yikes! sooo poor pete is now set aside cuz there are a lot of cats and dogs needing drawing!!

i finish up jessica and crystal over the weekend. so one down!

Jessica and Crystal  Kathryn Hansen (c) 2013 8x10

and started drawing out moo thursday night but got into the finer details over the weekend.


also framed up two drawings for a show this coming weekend at st george's church in la canada. there will be 15 artists in all, so if you are in the los angeles area, please pop in and say hi!! it will be super fun!


Katherine Kean said...

That's wonderful! You have smart clients to get their orders in well before the holiday rush.


The Creative Beast said...

WOW!! You have been busy my friend!! Catching up on your activity and I feel ready for a nap after reading all you've been busy with ;)
Congrats on all the commission work you're getting!! And good luck with the upcoming show =-)


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