Monday, October 14, 2013

Art is an adventure that never seems to end.  

~Jason, Los Cerros Middle School, 1999~

my unending adventure with this commission is almost complete...thank goodness!! trying to draw a house and surrounding woods fast for a detailed artist like me isn't much fun, but it feels oh so good to almost be done! plus it's turning out way better than i was expecting, and i learned a lot along the way!

 i can't show you the whole piece just yet...only fragments as it is a gift from my client to their client! so here are a few snippets a long the way! 
(little leo, our foster kitten loves the warmth from the light!)

up next on the drawing board is sammy, moo's brother and queen beatrice needs to be  finished by the end of october if i'm to enter her in an upcoming show! no rest for the wicked i guess!!


The Creative Beast said...

Wicked?? I'll say - wicked AWESOME drawings!!! ;)
Love the peeks of your commission and I'm sure the final piece will look AMAZING!!

And the photo of the foster kitten on the desk on top of the drawing is ADORABLE!!

Katherine Kean said...

It's always a pleasure when things turn out better than expectations. What a charming companion to pose in the snippets.

Peter Williams said...

It looks promising, shall look forward to seeing it. (nice kitten)

patty said...

Ooooo.... intriguing little peeks! So glad you have some wonderful projects in the works!!

Jennifer Richardson said...

oh I can only'd start seeing tree in your sleep!
beautiful. always beautiful:)


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