Monday, December 23, 2013

the creation of Percy

my daughter emily and i visited the los angeles arboretum a few years ago to see all the resident peacocks i had heard so much about. every where we turned there seemed to be another peacock strutting by!
so my next creation on the drawing board is percy, a beautiful peacock inspired by our entertainintrip to the arboretum! if he turns out really, really well, i hope to enter him in the birds in art exhibit in wisconsin next april...a goal and dream that i've had for an extremely long time!!


Katherine Kean said...

Peacocks make such an amazing sound. I love that your birds have names! May Percy turn out well.

Jennifer Richardson said...

I love favorite.
Those feathers are masterpieces; hope yours is as much joy to draw
as it will be to all who behold it:)
And a beautiful new year to you, friend!


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