Monday, January 20, 2014

2014 LA Art Show

not quite sure why i didn't enjoy this show as much as i have in the past but really, nothing  popped out at me, moved me, or made me want to take one more glance before i left. i was still feeling under the weather with the flu, so i'm sure that didn't help the situation. but my girlfriend sorta summed up the show in this way..."i think young adolescent boys would love this show!"

but were some of my favorite pieces:

i loooved these mobiles with dyed rice paper by Jade Oakley
i'm always excited to see Arcadia Contemporary, especially Julio Reyes!
unfortunately i do not remember this artists name...bummer!
well, there's always next year to look forward to!!


The Creative Beast said...

OH! I wish you could remember the name of that last artist - i just LOVE the 'patchwork' elephant!!

patty said...

That elephant reminds me of the one by Louise Hay that is in the window at our little ArtBeat gallery. She is this months featured artist (most people don't even know that she paints) and we have the reception tomorrow. Should be interesting!

Jennifer Richardson said...

Hope you're feeling way
way WAY better now
and no more flu or other sort
of dreadful yuck to drag you down
as January finishes her quiet way.
Bright beginnings to you,


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