Tuesday, January 7, 2014

day 7 of the New Year!

Lily Marie from my dog competition on Facebook
my new year is starting off with a bang in many ways...an art show at topanga canyon art gallery, new drawings, two commissions, 3 new foster kittens, and my youngest daughter just got her license! yay! such wonderful things makes me temporarily forget about all the endless car repairs on both my oldest daughters ancient ford and my honda! yikes...car repairs do add up into the thousands, don't they?!
Cantik, my newest commission
but the bills will get paid and forgotten, the good stuff sticks and celebrated! 
my newest drawing Percy
this is Meatloaf, 1 of 3 new foster kittens

hope you have lots to celebrate too in the new year!!


Katherine Kean said...

Great start! Maybe now you'll have more time for you with less driving to do?

patty said...

Dang those car repairs! Haven't had those lately (knock on wood) but plenty of home repairs... the details of life! So good to see you moving forward with your amazing art!!

Jennifer Richardson said...

the bills will get paid and forgotten....brilliant way of seeing it.
I love that pug face...what a handsome portrait! You're so so so good:)
thanks for sharing your muchness,


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