Friday, March 28, 2014

my home town commission

I've been slow in working on this commission as there was no deadline set...never good for me! I tend to drag my feet for some reason on open ended commissions, but once I can find my groove with it then it goes pretty fast!
I was asked to create a drawing that represented my town of La Canada. In the process of walking and hiking around the city this year, my daughter Emily and I have discovered the most beautiful areas I've never seen before in my almost 17 years here...heck I didn't even know we had a dam on the east side...pretty bad I know! I typically spend my time in the town just west of us and not La Canada, so this has been a super fun experience and despite already having my commission drawn out, it's still an on going exploration.
A few years ago the La Canada Trail council created a 12 mile trail in and around the city. We've hit up 4 sections of it in search of the perfect La Canada scene...which I did find! But hoping to hike the trail near Angeles National Forest this Saturday and then one day soon hike the whole trail in one day. Josie our dog is up for it...Emily and I are not quite there yet!


Katherine Kean said...

What a wonderful exploration. Lovely images, and the rocky stream with your dog is my favorite.

Congratulations on another commission!

The Creative Beast said...

Love the photos! The trail looks beautiful...maybe I will suggest it for a hike with my dear boyfriend before the heat really hits us...

patty said...

Awesome, Kathryn! I love discovering new secrets right in our own backyard. Looks just beautiful... we have a few of those hidden gems too!

Jennifer Richardson said...

wonderful idea to hike your better way to know a place; stirs my heart to yearning for a wander.
thank you.
and your elsa makes me cry.
every time.
something so magical about her.
another heartfelt thank you,

Diane Hoeptner (hep-ner) said...

Wow, plenty of inspiration there! Good luck with the comish, Kathryn!


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