Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Olive's twig digs!

Sweetie (c) 2014 8x10 Kathryn Hansen

As my enjoyable commission of Sweetie is now completed, I thought my next drawing to tackle would be for an upcoming gallery show at Segil Art Gallery. The theme for the show is "Home." As I perused numerous photographs of my own and on PMP, racking my brain for the perfect idea, I decided to go with another Jennie Norris photo of a morning dove snuggled into her twig hideaway.
I wrestled with the idea of creating this in colored pencil, or maybe even a tinted paper, but in the end I just decided to go my usual route but with a different type of paper. I've become super unhappy with the sizing in Strathmore's bristol board lately, so checked out the various papers at my local art store, Swains. Disappointingly they had very little in the way of drawing papers, so decided on a 300 lb watercolor paper called, Lanaquarelle. I started the piece on Sunday morning, and did my research on it on Monday, and yikes, I found out the company uses animal products in their sizing just like Arches...bad company! So...well...I guess it's back to another art store to see if anyone has Fabriano paper...that seems to be a very popular drawing paper who's sizing is all plant material! Now that's a good company that I can support!!
a sweet couple in my driveway that my cats didn't chase away!

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Jennifer Richardson said...

I love your eye for detail
and life,


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