Monday, June 9, 2014

Why are elephants so wrinkled?

This dynamic duo are up next on my drawing board. 
After combing through hundreds and hundreds of photos from my Africa trip, I mashed these two elephants together. Lorelai, the mom is actually from Amboseli National Park and her baby Rory is from Samburu but in my small drawing they have always been mom and baby! 
Not sure if I will add any birds to this one as I want the emphasis to be on Rory's turned head, looking back at the viewer. 
I am hoping to have it done in time for the TAG Gallery Open California Exhibit in August, which means it needs to be completed by mid June. Not sure if I will be able to make it but I am going to give it my best shot!
(They take too long to iron!)


Katherine Kean said...

Ha! I think most people just allow their elephants to drip dry. Good luck with your deadline!

Jennifer Richardson said...

I LOVE these sweet little huge guys:)
Some of my favorites.
I love your love for them
and how well you give them voice
in your drawings:)


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