Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Spots on my drawing board

Larry, my newest colored pencil drawing is inspired by my time in Samburu, Kenya. 

Our guide spotted (!) this handsome leopard in an acacia tree brimming with richly colored birds.

Leopards tend to while away the hours up in trees. Their stunning spotted coat camouflages them, making them blend in with the leaves of the tree. 

We sat tight with this leopard for at least an hour until he dropped out of his perch. We were then scrambling, along with a dozen other tourist vehicles for the best place to watch him.

Leopards are ambush predators, so they crouch low to sneak up to their prey and pounce before it has a chance to react.

Leopards are solitary creatures that only spend time with others when they are mating or raising young.

Pretty soon he ambled out of view into a dense part of the woods, we took off then to find a smattering of elephants down the road!

Observation Post, Kathryn Hansen  7x10  (c)2016  $800.00


Lissa Rachelle said...

What beautiful memories you must have of your time in Africa, Kathryn. Wonderful photos...and a truly stunning drawing!! You did this magnificent beast justice!

Jennifer Richardson said...

What a gorgeous fellow.
I wonder what it feels like to be watched so joyfully
like that.
I wonder if he feels everyone's positive energy and enjoys.
Such a gift to see such a creature.
Glad it happened to you!
Thanks for sharing,

Diane Hoeptner said...

The drawing captures something peaceful and majestic. Love reading about your travels.


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