Monday, February 22, 2016

Soulful Sunday

Sunday clears away the rust of the whole week!

~Joseph Addison~

**Cross Town trail in La Canada. "...and begin a merciless ascent along the ridge.  You do get some great views for your efforts, but there’s no doubt that this stretch – which climbs about 700 feet in 0.6 miles – is not for the faint of heart." To get to the teepee: "At another 1.5 miles straight up, you enter a meadow, where you get great views of Strawberry Peak, Mt. Disappointment and San Gabriel Peak, rounding a bend, you see the teepee."


Lissa Rachelle said...

How beautiful Kathryn! And it looks so WARM! I'm just a bit envious since we are sitting here at -20C! LOL

Jennifer Richardson said...

Oh that lion! When I opened your site, your amazing drawing of
the lion leaped up and into my heart:) Oh what a tender beauty he is.
I went to a big cat sanctuary yesterday and wished so badly that I knew their language....that I could play with them just like I do my dogs. Such incredible strength and lion-ness. Stunning.

Your drawing does them justice! So amazing, you.

Thanks for sharing with the rest of the world, Kathryn,


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