Monday, October 27, 2008

ATC art class

All I can say is wow...what a fun class!! It was very hard to leave when the alloted 3 hours was up. Bernie Berlin is a wonderful teacher...learned so much in those 3 little hours. Plus she was so personable, sharing stories of her life and art. I am so grateful that the Universe steered me in that direction! Above are a few cards that I started but need to finish up (they're basically just the background). I tried to buy some gel medium at the exhibit area but they were all sold out & didn't have time the rest of the weekend to get to an art store....we had soccer games and a small addition to our house we had to finish up this weekend. But I could hardly sleep a wink Sat night I was so excited & antsy to work more on my cards. I'm hoping to get over to the art store tonight before it closes...I can't go another day without working on them. Bernie was right you get really obsessed creating these neat little cards!!

1 comment:

Bernie Berlin said...

Loved meeting you!!! Your a fabulous artist!!
Keep in touch..
Blessings and Light to you,


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