Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Being a visionary

With Headlines screaming economic holocaust, it's hard not to go into fear. As an artist my first thoughts are~ at a time like this who's going to buy art?!! But Alan Cohen comes to the rescue with sound insight...A visionary thrives under all conditions. Plain and simple! And really, when I'm honest with myself, I absolutely know that I am the creator of my own experiences...that's why the economy, whether it's good or bad, does not dictate my reality. I am responsible for my life flourishing or floundering. And I know with all my heart that a higher source/power is at play here and knows exactly what we need.

I am financially struggling right now...juggling bills, cutting back where ever I can. But, as a visionary, I unquestionably know great things are in store for me and others. This is a time of change...we can resist it or find peace with it. A single change in our lives can shift everything...it may take baby steps but nothing changes until I do!

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