Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Things are coming together

I looked at the calendar last night & freaked's almost Oct...the following weekend is my show...ahhhhhhh!!! I'm not ready! I called my printers immediately..."do you have my prints ready...tonight...okay". Got there around 7...only proofs done. But, no worries, Rudy printed them right away while we chatted about cameras. While waiting I spied a newly delivered print rack standing over to the side of his shop...he got a great deal on it from Jerry's Artarama. So, this morning I ordered a small rack for my beautiful new prints...yeah! And of course clear plastic sleeves for the prints...things are coming together!Phew! I think I'll be ready...if not...whatchagonna do?! I'm really looking forward to it, it'll be a fun day. The only thing is, is I'll miss my youngest daughters soccer game that morning. I'm a true blue soccer mom...not the kind that yells & gets mad at the ref, but the kind that's always there cheering on the team and never forgets my snack date!!

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