Friday, October 31, 2008

A new journey

My boyfriend told me yesterday that I was scattered & unfocused again regarding my artwork. This is due to my obsession with ATC's this past week. I've basically abandoned my new line of drawings he (well, both of us) really love, to pursue this obsession! It got me to thinking and made me really focus on what it is I want here in my little world of art. Along with my ATC addiction I've been conversing through email with a new friend, Suzanne Scaefer (the artist below, who's beautiful ATC I just purchased). We've been trying to figure out how to become more financially successful in selling our art. For me it's a complex issue stemming from unsupportive parents, to lack of self confidence, to feeling invisible, to lack of a distinctive personal style, to not really knowing how to market myself.....and about a kabillion other reasons. So, I'm feeling really ready to start stepping things up and figuring this whole thing out. To get focused, set some goals, have a vision and become financially successful as an artist. So, last night & today I started making a list of things to help me on my way. I'm going to be sharing everything here in hopes of helping myself & others....join me on this journey of mine to see if I can finally do this, this time!!!

So, number one for me is: Do I have a consistent, distinctive personal style of art work that I am excited about?

Answer: Yes& no. My new line of drawings (urban scenes with Omar) is yes....I have around 12 pieces done so far and have a wonderful vision of how I see this in a gallery setting.

The no part of this involves my current line of animal art pieces...I want to move into ATC cards & solder jewelry with animal images...not the same drawings as I have now, but more loose, pen & ink and collaged images.

My whole goal here for my art is to move away from my photographic sources ....I'm seeking more creative freedom in my work. I now feel fully confident in my artist abilities as far as technique is's that intuitive creative artwork I crave...that I want to be able to achieve.

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