Monday, October 13, 2008

Tails from my show!

Hmmm...where do I begin regarding the Wiggle Waggle Walk? Well...financially I did quite poorly...not a single print went. Actually not much of anything went..very disappointing! But regardless, my boyfriend Alan & I had a wonderful time! It was prime dog watching... & petting... & holding! Dogs of all sizes, shapes & breeds turned out with their owners to raise money for the Pasadena Humane least I know my vendor fee went to a great cause!

So...a mixed bag of a day for me. I can look at it in one of two ways, one...I'm bummed and disappointed in not making any money ( much needed money, I might add!) or two... I had a fun day: LOVED seeing the dogs, talking to the other vendors (who also sold very little), meeting wonderful people in my booth who were truly interested in my art and giving to a good cause. And I guess just as importantly, this experience is making me look at what I'm doing and why I'm doing it. What is it I really want? I know for sure that I love being apart of these outdoor art/craft events as a vendor, I know I want to travel around the country participating in them, and I know that I want to sell my art work and be an artist full time again. Then it just comes down to am I doing the artwork I want? No...I've known it in my heart for awhile I've actually stopped doing the animal portraits & have been working on my graffiti graphite pieces that I am absolutely in love with. My drawing of Omar is one of those pieces...but I learned an important lesson when I saw it framed up in the Animal Magnetism show last needed to be more integrated with mat & I'm working on that. So, I believe in my heart that once I start getting more pieces like Omar finished and start displaying and selling those kinds of pieces they will fly off the wall. If least I will have been creating art that is more aligned with who I am right now & what I want to say with my work. Omar is just the first spark of where I am going with this and it's extremely exciting!!

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