Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Well...I am feeling back in alignment again! After I wrote in my blog yesterday I did an exercise of reaching for a better feeling, which I learned from Abraham-Hicks. It seemed to do the trick because I felt much much better that I even signed up for an art class! The Learning & Product Art Expo at the Pasadena Conference Center will be here at the end of October. One artist stood out from the rest for me, Bernie Berlin. It looked like she had some interesting things to teach regarding I felt really drawn to sign up. Afterwards I went to her blog (since her art sight isn't up yet) and found that she & I have some major things in common, which is probably why the Universe wanted me to take this class. We obviously have art in common, but I believe she is from Wisconsin as well or has ties there, and she runs an animal rescue facility! So, I am VERY excited to meet her & take her class. Here's her info if interested: blog:


Bernie Berlin said...

I do believe in synchronicity and can't wait to meet you:)

Kathryn Hansen said...

Thanks! I'm very excited about your class. I love your work!


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