Friday, March 27, 2009


This is the awesome oak tree outside my bedroom window. He's an ancient one~500 years old! I love watching the squirrels charge around it!

This is my daughter Emily and dog Josie helping me set up my tent for a photo shoot. Altho I have to say Josie was really not that much help...but she sure is cute (and wacky...come to think of it, so is Emi!).

Had to take photos of my tent to submit to the Montrose Arts and Crafts Fair coming up in June. Which by the way I just found out I was accepted into!! YAHOOOOOOOOOO! SO, now I have to study all my photos and see what else needs to get done so it looks fabulous!! New white table clothes that go to the ground, letters on the top front of the tent that will say drawings collages, a few high risers for each table, new ties for the curtains...and so much more...the list is long and growing by the minute. Now the work truly starts, pulling it all together in time! Along with the framing of all my new art work...phew...yeah...alot of work!

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