Monday, March 16, 2009

naughty kitty

See this cute, sweet little thing...well look what he did to my commissioned piece below! He jumped up onto my drafting table when I was out running errands. I had about 3-4 hours into it, not much, but drawing it out is the most intense part of the drawing for me. And I'm so busy that every hour is very precious. He's sooooo lucky that I adore him!!

I am finally starting to feel myself getting back to "normal" after 4 weeks of being on an emotional roller coaster ride. Last Wednesday thru Friday was pretty intense, but I worked through a lot of residual grief that was still in my system and a huge dose of loneliness. But I didn't push it down or try to distract myself from it...just plunged deep into it and I felt much lighter when I came out of it. I figured I might as well deal with it now instead of later!

So, the only art work I have been working on is my commissioned pieces. I started the two drawings below before the *%#@ hit the fan. I've had absolutely no desire to create or finish any work since. Quite the opposite of when my mother passed away...I couldn't STOP creating. Life certainly is weird! I'm hoping to jump back into these drawings that I planned on mixing into collage elements very soon. Maybe if I can just start making some small collages (ATC's) ...the bug will bite me again!

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