Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I am interrupting my usual Wednesday i candy segment to bring you this endorsement ( no I am not getting paid for this!) I HIGHLY recommend this book...I already read it years ago when it first came out but popped it off my book shelf once again a few nights ago. It has been invaluable! I've been studying and living metaphysical principles for 15 years now and this book has helped remind me to look at my situation from that perspective, which I am grateful for. It says in the book that sometimes the message has to be very loud and the pain extremely intense so we pay attention....which is what it felt like. The first story in Colin Tippings book is my exact story, just different names & characters. I realize I made this soul to soul agreement with my boyfriend so I could finally heal this issue of "not enough" because it's been tainting my entire life and I can't get to where i wanna go if I'm still holding onto this stuff. And believe me, I wanna go very far and have a magical, extraordinary life. So many things happen below our conscious level to help us heal and grow and if we can just step back, we are then able to get a fresh frame of reference. It certainly isn't always easy, I resist at times but in the end it is soooooo worth it!

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