Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Point Pools by Nicole Strasburg

I went on Nicole Strasburg blog ( this morning. She shared an article by one of my favorite authors, Malcolm Gladwell that just made my heart soar...thank you Nicole...that article totally shifted my mood and my feelings towards all of the heartache I've been going through lately. It put me in such an elevated feeling of gratitude towards my was thrilling to my heart and soul! I feel well on my way to healing. All the processing of my emotions, meditation, journaling, art work, lots of distractions and now this article have all helped me tremendously.

So... this then will serve as my Wednesdays i candy segment...check out Nicole Strasburgs beautiful paintings...that's what drew me to her blog...her lovely landscapes! They have such a feeling of nostalgia for me...a wistful desire to be back (home) in Wisconsin again. That's right...I will be back there tomorrow!

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Hi Kat,

Thanks for the kudos. I loved the article by Gladwell too... made everything seem okay somehow. I've posted a new entry with another wonderful book recommended/published by Art on Paper. It looks promising.

warmly.... Nicole


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