Wednesday, October 14, 2009

new life

angeles crest

i did a lot of hiking over the weekend...made it almost to the top of the mountain...but it was kinda cold and i didn't have a windbreaker, so eventually we turned around. because of the fires the terrain was so different...barren, lots of land and rock slides, large groves of ghost-like trees, and very little wildlife. at the basin of the mountain new life started taking hold and that was very encouraging to see.

being out there in nature triggered so many memories and this incredible outpouring of gratitude. even tho i have had to let go of so much this past year, i was just feeling so blessed. lately i have been feeling like a pioneer in re-creating my life. so much uncharted territory lies ahead of me bristling with all of it's uncertainty. i've had to give up the dream of what i thought my life would be like and tho that realization was very painful, it has not broken me. in fact i am feeling so good about myself, my art and life in general, i am really moving forward. and that feels great!

i really wanted to show you all the new updates on my drawings this week but the weather is not co-operating. been overcast, cloudy and lots of rain and so impossible to get good photos right now...but honestly i have been drawing!! in fact, last week for whatever reason, my creative juices were just flowing and ideas bouncing around in my head right and left! i think it might have been because of the art walk last week...all that raw talent stirring me up! will be starting some of it over the weekend...very excited about that!

my e-course just wrapped up last week and a fun thing happened, many of the artists participating wanted to remain in touch and keep that energy going. so we started a group on facebook and altho many joined few have participated. even if we just have a nice small core of people, that will be okay. we're all there for the same reasons~ accountability, motivation and encouragement. there's also connection and friendship to boot! all good!

the weather channel has promised sunny skies tomorrow, if that's true you'll see some artwork by the end of the week. i won't be just babbling on and on and i know you're all crossing your fingers for the sun to show it's face!!

Have a great day!!♥

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Lori said...

I felt so connected to you reading your story about having hope and a light heart now even when things did not tourn out as you planned. I have so much compassion and understanding for that feeling even though I do not know your circumstances. I am so looking forward to seeing your new drawings!


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