Friday, October 30, 2009

the progression of Jenna

started this new drawing of jenna last week. making slight progress on it as halloween has basically taken over all my free time this week. i think we hit up every halloween store within an 8 mile radius of our home. but my youngest finally settled on a green punk rock outfit, which she is very happy with. also finding the perfect pumpkin to carve proved challenging as well! now i just have to hit up the craft store tomorrow to get pieces of my costume done.

i will have to put this drawing a side next week as i have a commission due in 2 weeks. and it's going to take all of my attention as the original photo is very old and has no details, so i will be making it up as best i can as i go along. my fingers are crossed that it will come out well! i should get out my lucky rabbits foot and 4 leaf clover as well...i'm going to need all the help i can get!!

hope you have a fun halloween weekend...may all your candy bags be overflowing!!

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Shayla said...

Kathryn, you have a beautiful style. I love the way this is coming along. Your Etsy shop has some real beauties, too. "Puff Daddy" is wonderful. You do this subject matter well. It doesn't come off as trite, but has authenticity.


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