Sunday, February 14, 2010

you hold the key to your heart!

let your heart guide you. it whispers, so listen closely. ~the land before time~

this watercolor was created by my great-uncle dave in the 1920's. unfortunately his father thought being an artist was a waste of time, so after a stint in the army my great-uncle went to work in the watch factory in elgin illinois like everyone else. such a waste of talent. dave was a very big part of my life growing up and i always felt my artistic abilities came from that (my mom's) side of the family. he's been gone a very long time now but i some how lucked out and received almost all of his artwork. i really cherish it and all the wonderful memories i have of dave and the rest of my relatives in that family (14 children in all...phew!) and i feel very, very blessed to have had them in my life! hope you find the true meaning of what today is really all about (not hallmarks version) and let all the people in your life know just how important and loved they are by you! happy valentine's day!

1 comment:

Rebecca Collins said...

wow, you are really lucky to be the keeper of your uncle's artwork! Great little illustration


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