Thursday, September 9, 2010

the great migration in masai mara

even tho my sister is smiling, in actuality our jaws dropped down to the ground when we saw our accommodations for the next 3 days. i have to say we got pretty spoiled with the other tented camps, especially the elephant bedroom. but we adjusted to the bucket showers and the toilet that wouldn't work because being right along the river full of hippos sounding off all night was really incredibly beat Carolyn's snoring at least!!

 we had an exciting morning filled with lion cubs, cheetahs with full bellys from their zebra kill the day before, leopards stalking tommy gazelles and the migration!! yeah! we spent hours at the river sitting, watching and eating cookies, cuz at first very few animals crossed, they always came close but then to our disappointment they turned around. but when the wildebeests and zebras  finally did jump in, the binoculars came up and the cameras started clicking away to capture this wondrous sight! one baby wildebeest almost didn't make it but at the last second he unhooked himself from a dead carcass and crossed to the other side...phew! there were plenty of hungry vultures and nasty looking crocodiles in wait for the ones who weren't so lucky.

on our last evening together :-( we dressed up with all the scarves and jewelry we bought along the way (the guys wore table clothes from the tents!) opened bottles of wine and tuskers and had a party!! and let me tell you...we had a you can see!! singing, dancing...and lots of laughing!

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