Tuesday, September 14, 2010

last day in kenya :-(

our last afternoon in kenya...lunch at the serena hotel with peter, his family, some of  our group and 4 high school kids from the group, kenya-help.org
peter, one of our fabulous guides started a group about 4 years ago to help the children of kenya. unlike america's school system, kenya's schools are only free until 8th grade, after that it costs roughly $750-$1000 for a child to go to high school. it's so hard when a child is intelligent, loves school and wants to learn but their families can not afford the tuition. so peter started this small grass roots organization to help. they've grown to 16 families in the past 4 years and after these last two safari's with val, they have added another 9 sponsors!! yay!! my oldest sister has been apart of this program for 2 years now and i am soooooo happy and excited that i too can now participate in conjunction with my brother and other sister in sponsoring a child! it's so thrilling to be able to help make a huge difference in a child's life there in kenya! we won't know until january who our child will be because their school system is year round and the kids have to apply for this program. oh, it's so cool! there are many unique ways to help, if you're interested. the sister organization here in america is kenya-help.org. anything you can give makes such a ginormous difference in these kids lives...check it out!!


The Creative Beast said...

That is so wonderful that you are helping out a child to learn and gain an education - what a gift!! I will have to take a look at the site...

Kathryn Hansen said...

well, weirdly after you've been there, heard and seen sooooooo much, all you want to do is help...cuz the Kenyans are just such incredible people!!


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