Wednesday, January 26, 2011

selling in a slow market

just thought i'd throw out some things i've been doing, changing, applying at this time when a lot of people, in general are crying about this economy.

i believe we create our reality through our thoughts, attitudes, feelings, beliefs, choices and matter what the economy is like. or as alan cohen would say~a visionary sees and remembers the big picture!

so #1...i consciously change my thoughts to more positive affirmations such as my artwork sells easily without much effort on my part, all good flows to me, and the universe is always abundant!

#2...i have a positive attitude and one of gratitude...i do 5 daily gratitudes every morning and consciously give thanks for things throughout my day...a green light, a close parking space, being included in a treasury on etsy.

#3...beliefs create our reality more than the others...if you wanna know exactly what you are thinking try this exercise. take some very cheap paper...lots of it and just start writing...write about anything (no one is going to see free with it), just don't stop, not for awhile...write 2, 4, 10 pages. put it away for 24 hours then go back and read it...underline strong statements...those are what you really believe. and now you can change those beliefs by turning them into positive affirmations. and here's the key...really feel those affirmations. if you write and say them with feeling and conviction they can change your life.

#4...choice. choices can supersede any belief. if you feel stuck with a belief/ new affirmation make a new choice for yourself. i always say to doesn't matter what choices i made in the past i can make a new choice right now! and...i am willing to choose a better reality...i am willing to have my art sell....i am willing to have all good things flow to me. and guess what...they do!

#5...decisions. you get to decide how well you do in life by your thoughts and actions. i decided not to listen to the news and doom sayers...i decide how i spend my time and who i hang friends are positive and uplifting not negative.

try some of these things...seriously, they do work...just stick with it!!

next post...actions i take in a slow selling market.


The Creative Beast said...

the writing exercise sounds like a great one - I may find the discrepancies between my actual thoughts/beliefs and my actions by doing that exercise...

luckily, i do surround myself with upbeat positive people who are supportive of my endeavors, even if i have subconscious doubts lurking =-)

Kathryn Hansen said...

Hi'd be amazed by doing that writing exercise what comes up...usually lots of hidden beliefs, but the good news is, is when you know them you can then change them!!!


Great post! I always try to stay positive and it does make such a difference in my life.

Gary Keimig said...

great positive thinking Kathryn. And I do so agree with you. I begin my day thanking God positively for all my blessings.
Was listening to NPR.this morning [yeh. I listened to the news]And thought if I was a painter wishing to make a political statement I would do a painting of a sandbox filled with 4-year olds. Maybe one throwing sand at another. One crying in the corner. A couple arguing over the shovel. Etc.
Oh well. It is nice and warm here this morning. 30's and I go from here to my easle-paintbrush in hand and loving the day.
God bless.


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