Monday, February 21, 2011

snow in southern cal!!!

i was going to post updates on my tree drawing today but i walked outside yesterday on my way to go hiking with josie and saw that it had not only snowed over night but i could tell it even coated the base of the my 12 years in california, i have never seen it that low!! which means i would definitely be in it within 20 minutes. so i booked it as fast as i could...only cuz i was really excited to be in that glorious snow!! it was warm, sunny and beyond magnificent!! it was josie's first taste of snow and altho i don't really think she understood it, especially the snowballs i kept throwing at her, she seemed to take it all in stride! i on the other hand had a blast because it's been years since i've played in the snow!!


patty said...

Wow - cool pics! I was up in the mountains 2 weeks ago, but I'm sure things look very different up there now!!

Anonymous said...



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