Wednesday, June 8, 2011

a fair to remember!!

 most photos taken by my daughter emily.

i feel like i am slowly starting to come back to life after this past week and a half of prepping for my show and then participating in it. anyone who does art shows know how exhausting they can be! i confess that both sunday and monday nights i fell asleep on the couch before 8 pm and slept the whole night through!! my family room looks like a tornado hit it...hopefully tonight i can unpack and put away a little bit more!

my show wasn't as financially successful as i had hoped it to be but i learned sooo much again from prepping to set up and have made some good decisions for next year's show. i'm going to change out my whole booth to make it more "gallery" like...have more framed pieces and organize my prints way better. plus i'll have a lot more drawings finished to display as well.
i moved my booth location this year to a different block to see if it made any difference, which it didn't...but i so lucked out and got incredibly wonderful booth neighbors!! in fact i LOVED my neighbors, linda and ron sadon, who sold really awesome jewelry! and i was so grateful to see sooo many friends and family that stopped by to see me, plus a lot of people i knew from school, soccer, work and past clients.
my fabulous daughters and boyfriend helped me out so much again this year...i am super grateful for that!!
and so, all in all it was a wonderful and memorable experience...a tremendous amount of hard and exhausting work...but all well worth it!!


Amelia said...

well done you and congratulations. Yes! i know how totally tiring it is but something crazy drives us. And each time I/we do one you're right in as much that whether sales are good or not there is always something valuable to be gained. I've had great opportunities, I've met people and it's always inevitably led on to new places . . . . I wish I lived closer too and then I could come visit :)

The Creative Beast said...

You had a wonderful booth Kat! I'm so glad I went and so happy I found you=-)

It was a great event and I may try to get a booth there next year!!


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