Wednesday, June 1, 2011

getting ready for the big show!

a lot of framing and preparing for the upcoming art fair this weekend in montrose. it's an exhausting process but i highly enjoy it. it's easy to sit behind a computer and just sell my art that way, it's a whole different energy being at these fairs...connecting with fellow artists around me, meeting people, being outside all day...just a very cool experience you can't get any other way! this year i'll be selling both my photographs and drawings. stop by if you're in the los angeles area, 3 blocks of wonderful art, music and yummy food, not to mention all the great shops and restaurants there too!!



The Creative Beast said...

Those framed photos are looking awesome! I'll see if I can head out there this weekend =-)

Anonymous said...

Oh, it is a wonderful experience to be out there 'interconnecting' with the worlds around, definitely when there is art involved. These prints are absolutely beautiful, it could be a bit of a ride from Redondo Beach, but I just may join Monica and head out there myself.

patty said...

It's been quite a while since I have done an outdoor show like that. I have moved in other directions but I do miss that creative energy and connection you mention. Hope it's wildly successful for you!!


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