Monday, June 27, 2011

 last weeks theme for the blogging e-course i'm participating in, was on authenticity.

to be honest i came to dislike that word after the start of a new relationship many, many years ago with a man named david. he bounced that word around in every conversation, and guess what...he turned out to be one of the least honest and authentic persons i had ever met. 
i can honestly say that finding my true or authentic voice on this blog has not been all!! 
but then i realized that i am like a fine strand of baroque pearls! each individual pearl is i act at a party where i only know the hostess (very quiet) is me, how i am when i am out in nature hiking with josie (contemplative) is me, how i am when my family and friends gather on a friday night playing board games (loud, laughing till my belly hurts, goofy) is me, when i'm with my boyfriend (silly, loving) is me, when drivers won't let me in, it's getting late and my daughter may not make it to class on time (super pissed off! swearing!) very me!
so how do i possibly find the sweet spot in writing posts on my blog when i am all of those unique things?

i don't really know yet.

i know that i want to dig deeper, stay true to my blogs purpose, and not hide or shrink in fear of revealing too much. i really do need to step out of my safety zone, tell more stories, knowing that it's all me, that i have many voices...all of them true and unmistakeably me!
photos taken yesterday at the japanese gardens in van nuys, california


Liv @ Choosing Beauty said...

That's a lovely metaphor, Kathryn - to view yourself as a pearl necklace. I hope it allows you to honor and embrace all those beautiful parts of yourself!

The Creative Beast said...

I love the pearl metaphor too! And I know you'll learn to re-frame the word "authenticity", or perhaps find a word that works better for YOU as you continue to reveal and share more of yourself here at your blog...funny how people like to throw words around in the hopes it will hide their true nature.

I also LOVE the Japanese Gardens!! Your pictures are beautiful Kat =-)

patty said...

Kat, I love your honesty here. So in talking about being authentic, you truly are! But I do know what you mean about all the different "selves", or parts of yourself. We are all so very complex! I am taking the 21 Secrets Art Journaling course and we are getting into some of the same issues. I think it's good - reflecting, digging deep - it can be difficult, but worth the trouble I'm convinced. LOVE these photos - insects can be so elusive... beautiful!

Jennifer Richardson said...

Beautiful share....thanks!
Bright, sweet summertime grace
to you,
in all of your parts:)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos! Thanks for sharing your journey toward becoming all of the yous on your blog:)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos! I'm a sucker for dragonflies. I really like how you described and owned all the different versions of yourself - I could definitely relate to all of them!

Rita said...

Well said - and how do we balance all of our unique selves? It's something I'm still trying to figure out too. Great photos!

Sandra L. said...

Lovely photos! I especially like the one with the duck hiding. I love all sorts of birds!

Thanks for visiting me at my blog, too!


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