Monday, July 18, 2011

 my daughter and i hit up the renegade craft fair this past weekend at the los angeles state historic park by chinatown. wanted to check it out and see if i might like to participate in it next year...being so close to home! it was an exemplary fair, super high quality art & crafts for sale, the only issue was definitely had a young, underground and graphic art feel to it...sooooo unless i switch things up a bit with my photos i probably won't join in the fun. i did like how it was set up and run tho, so we'll see, have to give it some more thought.

two very lovely artists i'd met before where there...marisa, from creative thursday  and matt from the mincing meerkat

i took a very informative and well run e-course from marisa years ago and have seen her at a few other shows in the area. and you have to stop by matts blog, i promise you that you will not be sorry because he is so, so'll adore the titles to his art and his hysterical stories! 


Anonymous said...

LOVE these photographs, very moody and enticing.
Oh my I'm in the LA area, never heard about this fair, oh I wish I knew!!
Thanks so much for visiting me from time to time on my blog and leaving me sweet comments.

The Creative Beast said...

DANG! I wish I'd known about the renegade fair but I did spend a great Sunday in Montrose at their farmers market which is really great!

It sounds as though the style 'of the moment' is all about underground and street art - I saw the "Street Cred" exhibit in Pasadena last week and it seems to be everywhere these days...maybe you can start the next trend of photography =-)

Amelia said...

gosh, lovely photos and wish I could come along too. Love the new look of your blog - is it new or am I going crazy???!!!

Mincing Meerkat in itself sounds hilarious, might have to pop over and have a look :)

HAppy art-ing :)

PS your drawing nights in sound sooo cosy and I wish I had a pet sometimes - for some reason I couldn't leave a comment on that post as the comments box wouldn't open up properly! But there you go :)



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