Friday, October 14, 2011


i don't know what happened since last week but i certain didn't make much progress on this drawing...and it's due at the end of next week...yikes!! and the next time i'll be able to get to it is next tuesday...double yikes! wish me luck!

last night my friend cynthia and i hit the downtown la artwalk. we only perused a dozen or so galleries along spring and main, as we spent a lot of time chatting away at dinner...but...the art we did see, technically was great but nothing that either of us connected all! i did like marlene capell's interesting abstracts with their layers of thick paint and anthony friedkin's ocean photographs, but beyond that nothing moved me. 

so, after we parted late that evening, my mind started racing about what connects me to a piece of it the subject matter, style and execution, the color...or is it something deeper than that, that can't be explained? 

art definitely has to emotionally impact me at a deep visceral level. draw me in and move touch something inside me that i might not always understand at the time. i love the pieces that stick with me in my mind for a long time! 

it's a fascinating subject to me from both ends of the a viewer and a creator. 

what connects you to a piece of artwork?


patty said...

Well, that is a great question and I honestly don't know the answer right off the bat.... but you can bet I am going to think about it now!! When I figure it out, I will let you know... Your drawing is, as always, totally amazing... looks just about done to me!!

Jennifer Richardson said...

it has to be like wind
swirling over the cords inside of me,
making sounds that touch my heart
and cause me to want to sing along.
It's all about the soul reaction
for me....if it moves me, I love it.
Your drawing looks amazing, by the way!


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