Monday, October 31, 2011

my 7 links

 Dora Ficher, a friend who i met through an e-course a few years ago and creates these very cool encaustic paintings invited me to be part of the ‘My 7 Links’ project.

the idea is to go back to your own posts and find one to fit each of the 7 proposed categories, then ‘choose’ 5 more bloggers to do the same, and so on, and so on and soooo on!! the project is described as a way of "uniting bloggers (from all sectors) in a joint venture."

here are the following 7 categories:

most beautiful post: Samburu ok...this was like the hardest category to choose from as i have been to africa and so many gorgeous places in southern do i pick? but in the end africa just has to win out!!!

most popular post: photo blocks

most controversial post: i really don't write controversial all! so i don't have an entry for that i think i can just skip it...can't i?!!!!

most helpful post: your help is needed okay...i know, i know...this is not what they meant...but i don't really have a post like that...but i do have A LOT of these kinds of post where i put out a call to help some organization i feel is worthy! so i am being helpful in trying to raise funds...mostly to help out animals but also for an organization in kenya that's close to my heart as well!!

a post whose success surprised you: untitled sometimes the more you think you're alone in things the more you find out you really aren't!!

a post you feel didn’t get the attention it deserved: connecting i don't know about deserving attention...heck i'm always thrilled when someone comments on one of my posts! i am just soooo curious about what attracts people to certain artwork, i was just hoping to get more responses....that's all!!

the post that you are most proud of: weedend update hmmm...well, i guess i picked this one because it reveals a little more about me but mostly because i am always thrilled to tears sometimes when my art gets recognized...this time by that's why i picked this post!!

this has been a very intriguing exercise for me in finding appropriate posts for each entry...makes me pause...and probably create some new posts around some areas i was lacking!!

here are my five people who i invited to participate along with me: and even if some didn't go for the challenge, please check out their blogs any way because they are all fabulous artists who i greatly admire for being so talented and inspiring me!!


The Creative Beast said...

Thank you so much for nominating me!! I'm touched by your lovely words =-)

Now that you have posted your list of seven, I can begin to work on my list...after I read through your links, that is =-)

Katherine Kean said...

It must have been difficult to choose the most beautiful post - you have so many gorgeous images! Easy to see why Photo Blocks is most popular - they are wonderful.

Thanks for including me in your list of 5 blogs. This looks like it will be fun to do. I look forward to visiting the other blogs you've selected too.

lifeneedsart said...

What a thoughtful post, Kathryn! I'm fascinated to see what you've chosen for each category.

And thanks for nominating me! I'm flattered that you thought of me.



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