Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Only when he no longer knows what he is doing does the painter do good things.
  Edgar Degas

 well, i finally put to rest "out of the burrow" (see previous post). i fixed the areas on the bottom of the piece that i wasn't feeling the love for and at least to me it's much better. now for this piece (above), "along for the ride"...ugh...i have reworked the background more times than i can remember and still am not happy with it! i have a few ideas but need to sit with it for awhile. i won't be entering it in the birds in art show as i feel it's just not up to my standards for entering such a prestigious show.
i don't know why i am in such an elephant mood this year...i must be dreaming of kenya!! but here is the start of a new piece. i started with the most challenging part first...the background and making these egrets look like they are in motion and not just hanging in mid air. so far i am not liking the background but am going to keep at it until satisfied!! 

this seems to be a recurring theme lately...highly dissatisfied with certain areas in my drawings!!


jules said...

I so admire you patience! Keep at it and I am sure good things will happen.

The Creative Beast said...

The drawings look pretty darn great to me Kat, and you have a great deal of patience and persistence in doing them, which is why they look so great =-)

Interesting how you are drawn to the elephant - it is very intelligent animal, as well as persistent...maybe that is the connection! ;)

Katherine Kean said...

I love that little bird on top!

I almost always learn something from letting a piece rest for awhile and coming back to it fresh.

I believe your persistence will be rewarded - it shows through in your work - these are beautiful.

Jennifer Richardson said...

I wonder what your elephant inspiration is telling you
....interesting trail to follow!
Your drawing is amazing
and that quote,
so freeing:)


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