Thursday, May 17, 2012

Ojai magic

at the beginning of the month my wonderful friend julie and i spent a long, glorious weekend in ojai, california.

we had some really cool experiences there, such as a huge tree filled to the brim with egret nests...they make the funniest sounds, a cross between a frog and a child babbling!! we also came across a gorgeous bullock's oriole and a beach lined with seals and a variety of sea birds! we hit up a story telling festival at the local park, a large outdoor book store and a small vintage shop in an alleyway with the cutest french bulldog named sunny! we found a micro brewery tucked away from the main drag and the best tangerine margaritas ever! seriously...they were delicious!!

i am truly blessed to have such a great friend that i can talk to for hours and days on end with and share such an incredibly magical place with. if you've been there you'll know exactly what i mean and if you haven't, for sure put it on your bucket list!!


Hena Tayeb said...

wow... sounds wonderful. Love the picture of the vineyards.. and the beach lined with seals sounds amazing

Jennifer Richardson said...

seal-covered beaches and tangerine margaritas.....sounds like you
stumbled upon a juicy
slice of heaven!
wow....those seals won my heart
at first glance.
happy, happy for you:)

The Creative Beast said...

Your time in Ojai sounds HEAVENLY!! It's great to spend time in the company of good friends!


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