Monday, July 9, 2012

oodles of drawings to work on!

 well...i got pretty far (finished the lower right corner) but now this drawing is put on hold for awhile so i can work on this:

 this is my 6th year of donating a drawing to the California Wildlife Center for their annual auction. each year i create a portrait of one of their rescue animals...this year it's a hawk! they will be auctioning it off at their annual wild brunch fundraiser on september 16th. please check out their website for all the details!

and i have these commissions to work on: 

two sweet kitties, buttercup and lulu.

so i am drawing like a crazy woman trying to get it all done!! i may have to forgo my nightly viewing of the big bang theory!! maybe!


Jennifer Richardson said...

they're so ghostly beautiful
unfinished like that.
Something about undone
that i like so very much:)

The Creative Beast said...

NO! Don't give up Big Bang Theory!! Laughter will keep you sane while working so hard on creating your GORGEOUS drawings!! =-)

That hawk is really impressive and the drawing of the deer looks so serene...AH!

Katherine Kean said...

You have a lot going on - but I believe you can do it!

patty said...

Wow - I love that you are doing all that drawing! And the wildlife donation - fabulous - great positve karma!!


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