Wednesday, September 12, 2012

drawings in progress

 i am back to work on my deer drawing! yay! this is where i left it in july, in this post. tedious and confusing at times working on that ivy...but highly enjoying the process!! (of course if i'd quit watching the big bang theory at the same time... :-/ !! i love that show!)

i've also started these two new pieces. 
this is a collaboration between my daughter emily and i. emily took the photos for me this past summer in wisconsin at her very last horse camp because she just turned 16, she's been going since 3rd grade! i begged and pleaded for her to take lots of photos for me because i was in the mood to draw a horse.
she not only took photos of horses but loads of other animals as well...goats, donkeys, dogs, squirrels!!! she went above and beyond...what a great kid! 

i've desperately needed to restock my etsy shop with new work, so you'll see plenty of these small, 5x7 pieces flying off my drawing board in the next few months!!

check out emily's flickr page here
if you want to see photos from saturday nights closing show at the liberty gallery in long beach click here!

1 comment:

Jennifer Richardson said...

that in the world
do you draw a soul?
it seems impossible,
but you do it!
thanks for sharing,


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