Monday, November 19, 2012

 i actually got the opportunity to draw sunday evening, altho i was soo exhausted from the weekend that i drew like a turtle. not that turtles actually draw...i was referring to the slowness aspect of them. i guess i am still it's a monday morning!


Jennifer Richardson said...

drew like a turtle...I love the images playing across my mind:)
I think turtling it along
sometimes creates it's own magic
....feeling reminded to try it again.
thanks for the inspire,

The Creative Beast said...

I hear you about moving slowly after a full weekend! But sometimes it's good to take things slowly =-)

patty said...

Slow is not a bad thing... in fact, seriously, we all need a lot more SLOW in our lives.

Elizabeth Seaver said...

You made me laugh with the turtle remark and accompanying explanation! It is great to find your blog. Your drawings are beautifully rendered. I really look forward to seeing the "baby titan" finished!


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