Monday, November 11, 2013

geesh...what a weekend!!

this weekend was one for the records...many emotional and physical ups and downs as saturday started off with a bout of food poisoning from a trader joe's vegwrap, which by the afternoon had me in bed. 
this weekend also had my youngest daughter off on a church retreat, so i was in charge of gettinour foster kittens to Happy Strays to be adopted that morning...which could be a long post in itself! needless to say, their separate adoptions fell thru, which is a sign that they were meant to be together! but they are still up for adoption at Petco, which despite not feeling well, i spent a good deal of time at as it was hard to see them cooped up in the brand new, but very small "cattery" there. of course i cried...a i missed them terribly and knew they were not happy with all that transpired that day. but if this helps them get a good home, it's something all three of us have to endure for a while! this, as i have said many times is the hardest part of fostering for me as i attach (especially to these two) in a nano-second. 

the ups of the weekend were:

that i did get close to finishing up my commission of sammy, which i wasn't expecting! 
and i did received another commission from a former client when i first started creating pet portraits! but i can't say anything more about it, as it's a christmas present!
and i found out that The King and Queen B were accepted into an art exhibit in december at a wonderful gallery
and my daughter made her first goal of the season at a late afternoon game on sunday! (they won 5-2!)
and shortie brought me a furry gift in the middle of the night! which only took me half an hour to retrieve from my room and return to the great outdoors...a new time it took me over a day to find the rat (poor thing) he brought me. 
and my sammy brought me a lizard, which he kindly placed in the bathtub for easy removal!

despite all the good things that happened, i hope never to repeat this kind of weekend again!


Katherine Kean said...

A lot going on! I had to laugh about the lizard, how very convenient to find it there.

Congratulations on everything.

Jennifer Richardson said...

anyone who fosters animals is a big time hero to me.
I love that...thank you.
Glad for your resilience:)
You are woman (I hear you roar:))


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