Tuesday, November 5, 2013

on and off the drawing board!

Queen B   Kathryn Hansen (c) 2013   8x8
i don't know why but i keep futzing and futzing with queen b's portrait just like i did with the king, but i think that i finally got it to my satisfaction...maybe! this quote by leonardo da vinci, always comes to mind when i linger over a drawing: "art is never finished, only abandoned." cuz that's exactly how i feel! i know 99.9% of people wouldn't be able to pick out the changes i keep making, but to me, if i don't refine it my eye will go right to those spots every time, so i labor over certain drawings until i feel that it's good enough! crazy making, i know!!

and now that queen b is complete, up next is sammy, moo's brother in crime!

and i think it's safe now to share the commission i could not show you for weeks and weeks! 
House in Woods by Kathryn Hansen (c) 2013


Katherine Kean said...

Awesome drawing, Kathryn! I know it's hard to say sometimes when to let go. This one is beautiful.

The Creative Beast said...

GORGEOUS drawing Kathryn! IT looks amazing, just as it is...

Yes, Da Vinci was right and another quote that is pretty accurate is this:

"Art is never finished, it only ends at an interesting place..."

I don't remember who said it, but I ALWAYS keep it in mind if I find myself futzing too much ;)

Jennifer Richardson said...

oh my heart.
that gorgeous lion
grabbed it and held on tight
until I'm hearing the theme
from Born Free. She looks like Elsa to my mind's eye.
Thanks for the beautiful, beautiful inspire.
You made her come alive,


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